Study at UAlberta

US American Curriculum

General Requirements

Students completing American-based curriculum either in the United States or another country can be considered for admission based on a combination of:

  • High school grades (must include at least three full years of study—Grades 10 through 12). A high school profile is also required (must detail all courses offered at your school, as well as the levels at which they are offered).
  • SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) subject test and reasoning test scores
  • ACT (American College Testing) composite score
  • IB and AP scores in eligible courses

Note: you don’t need to present all the tests above, but you will need course grades or test scores to meet the requirements for each of the five admission subjects required for the program you are applying to.

Search our Undergraduate Programs to determine the five required admission subjects. 

How to meet the subject requirements for your program:
See International Admission Subjects and Course Equivalencies

English Proficiency

Applicants studying U.S. curriculum for three years or longer (ESL excluded) generally meet UAlberta’s English language requirement. See English Proficiency.

Am I Competitive?

Each undergraduate program has its own competitive admissions average, and this average varies from year to year.
Your average will be calculated on the five subject requirements after you have applied and submitted your transcripts and documentation.

Generally you need to present:

  • a minimum average of B+/A- or a GPA of approximately 3.3 on eligible senior-level subjects
  • SAT Reasoning Test: minimum combined score of 1800, with a minimum of 600 on each section. The minimum score required varies by subject area. 
    Redesigned SAT: minimum combined score of 1200 with a minimum of 600 on each section 
  • ACT: minimum composite score of 26

See International Competitive Average Equivalencies