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International Students Studying in Canada Maple Leaf

General Requirement

International students who are completing high school in Canada and wish to apply to UAlberta undergraduate programs are considered Maple Leaf applicants by UAlberta.

Maple Leaf applicants must meet the same admission requirements as any other international applicant, including English Language Proficiency and a competitive average on the five admission subjects required by your program of interest.

The main difference is admission will primarily be based on the grades you receive in your Grade 12 year in Canada. However, depending on how long you’ve been in Canada, you may also be evaluated on high school coursework completed abroad before you started studies in Canada.

Search our Undergraduate Programs to determine the five required admission subjects for your program. Course equivalencies for all Canadian provinces and territories, and some international curricula, are included in the tool.

Note: If you have completed any postsecondary courses at the college or university level—either within or outside Canada—you will be evaluated like any other Postsecondary Transfer applicant.

English Language Proficiency

As a Maple Leaf applicant, your overall English Language Proficiency is sufficient if you have three or more years of full-time education in English (excluding ESL). If you do not have three years of study, there are other ways to meet your English Language Proficiency.

Am I Competitive?

Each undergraduate program has its own competitive admissions average, and this average varies from year to year. Your average will be calculated on the five subject requirements after you have applied and submitted your transcripts and documentation.

How to Apply

Maple Leaf applicants follow the same step-by-step application procedures as other international applicants—including an application for a Canadian study visa. See How to Apply.

However, you will likely need to submit transcripts for studies inside and outside of Canada. See Documentation.

Maple Leaf applicants with above average in-progress grades may also be eligible for Early Admission.