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Programs and Admissions

The University of Alberta offers 200+ undergraduate (Bachelor) programs with many majors, minors, and specializations for you to choose from. 
Programs are offered by Faculties, such as the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Science. There are 18 academic Faculties at UAlberta.

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  • Our undergraduate programs are four years long, on average.
  • Most Faculties and programs can be entered directly from high school, but not all of them. 
  • Some Faculties and programs require what is called "pre-professional study." This means you need to complete one or more years at the university level, completing some pre-requisite courses, before applying. Pre-professional studies can done at UAlberta.
  • Undergraduate Program FAQs
  • Information for your curriculum

Admissions – 3 criteria

Admission to undergraduate programs is mainly based on three criteria:

1) English Proficiency

All applicants to English-speaking and bilingual programs need an adequate level of English Proficiency before admission, regardless of their citizenship status or country of origin. How to meet English Proficiency.

Applicants to Campus Saint-Jean must meet French Language Proficiency requirements.

2) Diploma/Certificate

Graduation from a secondary/high school program that would make you admissible to university in your home country (generally 12 years of education).

See our list of required secondary/high school diploma/certificates (PDF), listed by country.

3) Competitive Average/Grades on Five Subjects

Your competitive average is calculated using the marks/grades you achieved in five high school subjects, based on the program to which you’re applying.

Search our Undergraduate Programs to find:

  • your program of interest
  • the five required admission subjects
  • the competitive average normally required for admission

What are you studying?

Submitting Documents

After you submit an application, you will need to have official documentation sent directly from the issuing high school, postsecondary institution, government or organization. See Documentation.