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The University of Alberta has more than 200 undergraduate programs.
Programs and Admissions

Majors and minors are offered within programs, which are grouped by Faculty. For example: In the Faculty of Arts, you can pursue a Bachelor of Arts program with a major in Sociology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an undergraduate program?

At UAlberta, an undergraduate program is for students who don't have a postsecondary degree in their chosen area of study. Completing an undergraduate program at UAlberta will give you a Bachelor's Degree.

Examples of undergraduate students

  • A student coming to U of A directly from high school
  • A student who had completed some college courses, but would like to complete a Bachelor's degree at UAlberta
  • A student who has a college certificate, but would like to earn a Bachelor's degree at UAlberta
  • There are many other types of students who can be undergraduate students at UAlberta. If you are not sure, please contact us and we will advise you.

How long is an undergraduate program?

An undergraduate program will last four years, on average. Some programs will take longer to complete.

How do I find an undergraduate program that's right for me?

Undergraduate programs are organized within UAlberta faculties and schools, such as the Faculty of Arts and the Alberta School of Business. You can search undergraduate programs from our Programs and Admissions page.

How will I know the admissions requirements?

Each program has its own distinct admission requirements. You will need to choose your program and then find out the specific requirements for that program. See Programs and Admissions.

Can I enter any program I want directly from high school?

Most undergraduate programs can be entered directly from high school, but not all of them. Some programs require a year of what is called "pre-professional study." This means that, before you apply for these programs, you need to have completed one or more years of study at the university level, or even an entire degree. 

What is a graduate degree?

PhD and Master's degrees are considered graduate degrees. A graduate program is for a student who has already earned an undergraduate degree. See our graduate degrees.