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Fast Facts

  • Number of students from Indonesia: 17
  • Cooperation between Rehabilitation Medicine and Surakarta University for occupational therapy student placements
  • Anthropology Professor Gregory Forth investigates the social organization and history of indigenous peoples on the Indonesian islands of Sumba and Flores

Top 5 Reasons Students from Indonesia choose UAlberta

  1. Excellence in teaching and research, particularly in Engineering, IT, Biotechnology, Health Sciences, Business, Psychology.
  2. We are one of the world's top 100 universities.
  3. Great scholarships for international students.
  4. Guaranteed first-year housing for international students (must complete housing application by April 30).
  5. You can work while you study!

Activities to help you experience Canada

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Meet Andrea, a UAlberta student from Indonesia

    andrea hartoyoI remember the day I decided to go to University of Alberta like it was just yesterday. I stumbled upon the website by accident, while I was browsing for universities in Canada. I had no idea where Alberta was in the continent, and I had never heard of the university until that day. After two hours spent browsing the website, I decided University of Alberta was to be my first choice of university on that very same day. 
    The first thing that attracted me was the beautiful campus. I was fascinated by how big the campus area was, and the range of programs and faculties the university can offer. (The buildings are pretty too!). University of Alberta is also one of the best universities in Canada, and that definitely helped me to convince my parents to let me apply. After all, all parents want the best for their kids! Despite the fact I had never been to Canada, I knew U of A was the place I wanted to be in, and where I want to obtain my degree. It just felt right. However, there were times I was scared because Canada is so far from my home-country, Indonesia. What if I’ll miss home? But in the end it all worked out, and being away from home definitely changed me to become more independent and confident about myself. 
    The moment I arrived in August 2009, I knew I was where I meant to be. People at the International Orientation I went to were very nice and helpful, and the International Center was always there when I needed it. As an International student from Indonesia, the people in International Center helped me find more friends, whether they were from my home country or not. I attendeded gatherings, participated in events on campus and met new people. Today some of them are my best friends, and I’m sure we’ll be friends for life. 
    I lived in Lister Centerand I can say that I had the best experience living there. The U of A offers a wide range of residences and Lister Center was definitely the right one for me. I constantly made new friends but I definitely still had time to focus on my studies. My favourite library is the Rutherford library, because it has a vast range of resources and the librarians are ever so friendly! And the beautiful building is always a plus! 
    Anyways, I can go on and on about how much I love being here in Canada and studying at University of Alberta all day, but why spoil all the good stuff? I’m sure if you decide to go to this wonderful place for your higher education, you’ll see for yourself how awesome it is!
    - Andrea Hartoyo, Bachelor of Arts, Double major: Art & Design + French language & Literature

Today, Andrea has a successful career in Edmonton as a graphic designer. Watch the video to learn about her experience since graduation!

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