Life at UAlberta

Work While You Study

You can work in Canada while you study at the University of Alberta as an international student, and for three years after graduation!

Getting Canadian work experience is an excellent way to build your career skills, develop language skills, make new friends, and earn some extra income.  coffee shop work

Please note: working while you study is not a sufficient way to finance your education at UAlberta and you must not rely on potential employment to meet your tuition and basic living expenses. You should ensure that you have adequate and secure funding for all four years before beginning your studies.

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Work on campus

Working on campus can be very convenient, especially if you live in a student residence and have extra time between classes.

work in the libraryHere are just some of the great places where students work on campus:

  • UAlberta offices—many hire interns, assistants, receptionists, and more
  • Stores and restaurants in SUB, HUB, and CAB
  • UAlberta bookstores
  • UAlberta libraries
  • Coffee shops

Work off campus

As a UAlberta international student, you can find employment anywhere in Edmonton during the school year... and anywhere in Canada during your holidays!

workingEdmonton is full of great job opportunities. Here are some examples of places where past and current UAlberta international students have worked off campus:

  • Companies in their field of study—interns, research assistants, coordinators, and more
  • Banks—tellers, customer service representatives
  • Restaurants—servers, hosts, cooks
  • Stores—customer service representatives, cashiers, designers of store displays, etc.

Students must meet certain conditions.

cooperative workCooperative work programs

The School of Business and the Faculty of Engineering both offer cooperative work programs that are open to international students. In a co-op program, you can get valuable work experience related directly to your field of study. When you graduate, you will already have experience in your field and valuable contacts in your industry.



Academic Internships

There are various academic programs at UAlberta that offer paid or unpaid work opportunities to give you practical experience related to your studies. 

You'll graduate knowing that you have had some real-world experience in your field, and will be ready to take on your new career!

  • Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences - Internship Programs
  • Arts Work Experience Program (AWE)
  • Education - Field experience and student teaching
  • Nursing - Work experience in clinics
  • Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences - Student Mentorship Program
  • Science - Science Internship Program
  • After you graduate

    Once you graduate with a degree from the University of Alberta, you are eligible to work for three years in Canada, as long as you have a post-graduation work permit. A job offer is not necessary to get a work permit.