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International Baccalaureate Curriculum

General Requirement

Students completing IB curriculum may be considered for admission based on the full IB diploma program or IB coursework used in combination with another curriculum. IB courses completed at either the higher level (HL) or standard level (SL) will be considered for admission.

  • Full IB diploma Applicants: You must present your full diploma with the five admission subjects required by your program of interest.
  • Partial IB Applicants (only completing certain IB courses): You must present a high school diploma (or equivalent) from your home country with the five admission subjects required by your program of interest, using a combination of IB and local curriculum. When a second curriculum is studied in conjunction with IB, the higher of either the IB or high school grade will be used.

Search our Undergraduate Programs to determine the five required admission subjects for your program of interest.

English Proficiency

If English is not your first language and you are studying the IB diploma, you can meet UAlberta’s English language proficiency requirement by presenting a predicted grade of 6 or better on your IB English course (English Ab Initio will not be considered to meet this requirement). For details, see English Proficiency.

Am I Competitive?

Each undergraduate program has its own competitive admissions average, and this average varies from year to year.

Your average will be calculated on the five subject requirements after you have applied and submitted your transcripts and documentation.

Generally, grades ranging from 4 to 7 are considered competitive. See International Competitive Average Equivalencies.

The IB Advantage

The University of Alberta recognizes the academic rigors of the IB program in a number of ways:

  • Exclusive IB-dedicated scholarships of up to $4,000 CAD
  • Special IB advisors to assist you
  • Admission: Full IB diploma students may be offered admission in the Spring to direct-entry programs based on competitive diploma scores (with no grades less than four). Competitive scores range from 30-35 points (including additional points) depending on your program. The predicted IB score required for admission varies by Faculty. 
  • Advanced standing in UAlberta courses (see below)

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Advanced Standing/Transfer Credit

If you achieve a final IB score of 6 or 7 in IB courses in the chart below, you will be considered either for transfer credit or advanced standing in first-year courses.

Advanced standing can be declined, should you choose to complete the first-year course. See Declining Transfer Credit.

International Baccalaureate Courses

University of Alberta Equivalents (*=units of course weight)

Biology (HL) BIOL 107 (*3)
Chemistry (HL) CHEM 101 (*3) [or CHEM 103 (*4.3) for Engineering only]
Chemistry (SL) Eligible to apply for a Credit by Special Assessment examination for CHEM 101 (*3) [or CHEM 103 (*4.3) for Engineering only]
Computing Science (HL) CMPUT 114 (*3) and 115 (*3)
Computing Science (SL) CMPUT 114 (*3)
Dance (HL) DANCE 100-level (*3)
Economics (HL) ECON 101 (*3) and 102 (*3) (not to take ECON 204)
English (HL) ENGL 100-level (*6) [or ENGL 100-level Option (*3) and 100-level complementary studies elective (*3) for Engineering only]
Film (HL) FS 100-level (*3)
French A or B (HL) FREN 100-level (*3) and 211 (*3) (not to take FREN 111 or 112)
French A or B (SL) FREN 100-level (*6) (not to take FREN 111 or 112)
German A or B (HL) GERM 100-level (*3) and 211 (*3) (not to take GERM 111 or 112)
German A or B (SL) GERM 100-level (*6) (not to take GERM 111 or 112)
Greek (HL) GREEK 101 (*3) and 102 (*3)
History (HL) (See Note 1) HIST 100-level (*3) (not to take HIST 112 or 113)
History of Europe and the Islamic World(HL) HIST 100-level (*3) (not to take HIST 117)
Italian A (HL) Advanced Placement (See Note 2)
Japanese AB (SL) JAPAN 101 (*3) and 102 (*3)
Japanese B (HL or SL) JAPAN 101 (*3) and 102 (*3) and Advanced Placement (See Note 2)
Latin (HL) LATIN 101 (*3) and 102 (*3)
Mathematics (HL) MATH 114 (*3) [or MATH 100 (*4) for Engineering only]. Eligible to apply for a Credit by Special Assessment examination for MATH 115 (*3) [or MATH 101 (*3.5) for Engineering only].
Further Mathematics (SL) MATH 114 (*3) and 115 (*3) [or Math 100 (*4) and 101 (*3.5) for Engineering only].
Mathematics (SL) Eligible to apply for a Credit by Special Assessment examination for MATH 100 (*4) or 114 (*3)
Music (HL) MUSIC 102 (*3) and MUSIC 100-level (*3) (not to take MUSIC 101)
Philosophy (HL) PHIL 100-level (*3) (not to take PHIL 101 or 102)
Physics (HL) PHYS 124 (*3) and 126 (*3)
Physics (SL) PHYS 124 (*3)
Social, Cultural Anthropology (HL) ANTHR 100-level (*3)
Spanish A (HL) Advanced Placement (See Note 2)
Sports, Exercise and Health Sciences (SL) PEDS 100-level (*3)
Theatre Arts (HL) DRAMA 101 (*3)
Visual Arts (HL) ART 134 (*3) and ART 100-level (*3)
Successful completion of all components of the IB Diploma program (see Note 3) Open Elective 100-level (*3)



  1. Credit will be awarded for all five regional options offered at the higher level (HL), including Africa, Americas, East and South East Asia and Oceania, Europe (including Russia/USSR, and South Asia and the Middle East (including North Africa).
  2. Students who are eligible for Advanced Placement may register in a senior course. In the case of Language other than English courses, students with Advanced Placement will be permitted to register in a senior course after determination of their background qualifications for that course (interview, placement, test, etc.). Students may also challenge a junior or senior course for credit via the credit by special assessment route if they have appropriate qualifications and are eligible within the regulations. (For more information, see section 14.2.4 of the University Calendar)
  3. University of Alberta is one of the few universities in Canada that recognizes the successful completion of IB Diploma with credit for a *3 100-level Open Elective.
  4. For students entering the Faculty of Engineering, transfer credit for the first (qualifying) year courses does not reduce the minimum load requirement of 37.0 units.
  5. Augustana Faculty course equivalents for transfer credit are in the UAlberta Calendar (section 16, Admissions Chart 6).